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Cold Brew Coffee


Putting our Alumbre Single Origin coffee to the COLD BREW test!

We partnered with our friends at Bodum using their Cold Brew Coffee-Maker—The Bean, and whipped up some amazing cold brews! Our tests reflect the perfect combination of coffee and water specific to our coffees; La Minita Tarrazú, Alma del Café de Jardín, Mutu Batak, and Yirgacheffe.


Vanilla Coffee Dream:

Add two scoops of vanilla ice cream. Add your preferred amount of cold brew. Optional: Top with whipped cream and add chocolate sprinkles. Enjoy!

Cold Irish coffee:

Add two shots of whiskey (your choice), and one shot of simple syrup. Top with whipped cream. Optional: sprinkle with chocolate flakes. Enjoy!

Mint Cold Brew:

Mort 2 teaspoons of sugar with your desired amount of fresh mint leaves. Fill ½ of a glass with cold brew. Add sugar, mint, and ice. Mix with milk. Enjoy!